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The Facts on Adult Drug Courts

The Facts on Adult Drug Courts

Douglas Marlowe, J.D., Ph.D.

June 29, 2010

Recently release report from NADCP’s Chief of Science and Policy,
Douglas B. Marlowe, examines the facts about Adult Drug Courts from
research and published materials on the subject.

“More research has been published on the effects of adult drug
courts than virtually all other criminal justice programs combined. By
2006, the scientific community had concluded beyond a reasonable doubt
from advanced statistical procedures called meta-analyses that
drug courts reduce criminal recidivism, typcially measured by fewer
re-arrests for new offenses and technical violations,” the report reads.
“The scientific evidence is overwhelming that adult drug courts reduce
crime, reduce substance abuse, improve family relationships, and
increase earning potential.”

Table of Contents
Cost Effectiveness and Target Population
Fidelity to the 10 key Components

Download the complete report.


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