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Vol. IV, Issue 1

Drug Court Review
Vol. IV, Issue 1


A Campus Drug Court: Colorado State University
Cheryl L. Asmus, Ph.D.

Drug Court Participants' Satisfaction with Treatment and the Court Experience

A. Saum, Ph.D., Frank R. Scarpitti, Ph.D., Clifford A. Butzin, Ph.D.,
Victor W. Perez, M.A., Druretta Jennings, M.L.T., and Alison R. Gray,

NDCI Commentary:
The Use of Creatinine-
Cannabinoid Results to Determine Continued Abstinence or to
Differentiate Between New Marijuana Use and Continuing Drug
Excretion from Previous Exposure

Paul L. Cary, M.S.

Research Update: Reports on Recent Drug Court Research

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