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Naples, Florida

Collier County Adult Felony Drug Court


The Collier County Treatment Court is for individuals over 18 years old with a pending felony case and a diagnosed substance use disorder. It is a post-adjudication program, meaning all defendants who enter the program must enter a plea and be sentenced into the program as a special condition of probation. Entry into the program is voluntary; however, once an individual has been sentenced, they may not voluntarily withdraw from the program without facing a violation of probation.

Admission and Target Population

The target population served is high/moderate risk, and all participants are high need. To be considered for the program, individuals are evaluated using ORAS (a recidivism screening tool) and TCUDS 5 (a substance use screening tool), then referred for a clinical assessment to determine final eligibility and the needed level of care. Individuals deemed both legally and clinically appropriate for the program, and wish to participate, sign a contract with the terms of their plea and agree to follow all program rules and requirements.

Program Structure

The program lasts a minimum of 24 months. This includes five in-court phases completed over a minimum of 12 months followed by at least 12 additional months of aftercare. Each participant's needs and progress ultimately determine the length of participation. The program includes recovery support group meetings, case management, regular court appearances, random drug testing, reporting to probation, and the requirement to maintain consistent employment and/or schooling. Treatment uses manualized treatment and also offers Trauma Incident Therapy and Moral Reconation Therapy. These requirements are based on program assessments, case planning, treatment recommendations, and the individual needs and abilities of each participant.

In addition to the core team members, this program has a social worker assigned from the public defender’s office. The role of this position is to meet with potential clients and complete referrals, if appropriate; assist with tracking of incentives and sanctions to ensure fair treatment of similarly situated participants; and research and assist participants in applying to treatment programs when appropriate (e.g., long-term residential programs).

Quick Facts

Established: 1999
Location: Naples, Florida
Court type: Suburban
Primary track: Adult drug court
Other tracks: Mental health, veterans

Other Strengths

- Strong, CIT-trained law enforcement participation
- Social worker assigned to program
- Evaluator actively involved in program
- Team trained in naloxone response
- System for medication for addiction treatment