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Chardon, Ohio

Geauga County New Leaf Program


The New Leaf Program, located in Chardon, Ohio, is a voluntary program that serves both Geauga and surrounding counties’ residents. The program provides resources and support to the participants with the goals of assisting their becoming productive members of our community, reducing recidivism, and providing an alternative to incarceration. Our treatment team consists of the judge, program coordinator, probation officer, members of three local treatment agencies, law enforcement, and two additional social support agencies.

Admission and Target Population

Referrals can be made at any stage of the court process, from the arraignment to sentencing, as well as during probation violation hearings. The cases can be either post-conviction or intervention in lieu (i.e., pre-plea diversion). The applicant’s charge(s) are usually a felony of the fourth or fifth degree; however, other cases are considered upon prosecutor approval. The program coordinator interviews the applicant, orders a clinical substance use or dual diagnosis assessment, and completes a valid risk assessment (ORAS). Acceptance into the program is decided by the judge and treatment team. The New Leaf Program targets high-risk/high-need individuals who have a severe substance use disorder and can complete the tasks required.

Program Structure

The New Leaf Program is a 16-to-24-month program consisting of six phases. Each phase has required goals that the participants must meet before advancing to the next phase. Although there is a required minimum amount of time for each phase, participants advance based on their performance and progress. On entering the program, the participant meets with the judge regularly to discuss and evaluate progress, participation, and achievements. Participants are supported by a team of treatment professionals who assist the participant in all phases of treatment and recovery. Program completion depends on each participant’s compliance and continued advancement through phases.

Our mission is to help individuals suffering from substance use and mental health disorders involved in the justice system by providing resources and support and by requiring accountability, improving the health and safety of both the participants and the public.

Quick Facts

Established: 2019
Location: Chardon, Ohio
Court type: Rural
Primary track: Adult drug court

Other Strengths

- Referrals can be made at any stage of court process
- Accepts probation revocation/violation cases
- Collaborative community partnerships