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Visit a Mentor Court

NDCI Mentor Court Program

Visit the country's best treatment courts

Apply today and learn from some of the nation's most successful treatment courts. There is no cost to participate. Teams or individuals interested in starting a treatment court can watch the model in action, and established courts can learn new and innovative practices. You've read the research and understand the model; now is your chance to see it in action!

Questions about adult mentor courts? Contact project director Dr. Daryl Jackson.

Looking for information on veterans treatment courts? Visit Justice For Vets. For information on DWI Academy Courts, visit the National Center for DWI Courts.

Ready to learn from the best and visit a mentor court?

Three Ways to Learn from the Best

In-Person Visit

All travel and related expenses are covered by NDCI.

Virtual Visit

Can't fly to visit a treatment court in person? Observe a mentor court from a distance through video conference.

Professional Shadowing

Work one-on-one with a treatment court professional in a specific discipline to better understand that role on the team.

How It Works

Complete the application telling us about you and/or your court program. NDCI staff will schedule a time with you to discuss further and plan your visit.

All mentor court visitors are required to complete a brief online evaluation upon completion of the visit or shadowing. Based on feedback from the evaluation, NDCI staff will determine what, if any, further training or technical assistance is required.

This program is made possible by the Bureau of Justice Assistance within the Office of Justice Programs at the U.S. Department of Justice.