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Time for a Tune-Up?

Applications for 2021 Operational Tune-up trainings are closed

Research confirms that ongoing training is critical to the success of treatment courts. Whether your program is new or experienced, this FREE training will answer all your questions and improve your outcomes.

Operational Tune-Up is designed to:

  • Make your program more competitive when applying for state and federal funding

  • Ensure you are getting the best possible outcomes

  • Confirm you are targeting the right population

  • Make the most of your incentives and sanctions, and much more

Through this training you will:

  • Review the latest best practices to ensure your court is applying them

  • Update policies and practices relating to incentives and sanctions, target population, supervision, and drug testing

  • Receive updates on pertinent case law

  • Work together as a team to improve the program

Operational Tune-Up Training is for treatment courts that:

  • Have two years or more of operational experience

  • Have a committed core team willing to participate

  • Want to ensure they are getting the best possible outcomes.

What happens at Operational Tune-Up?

  • Two-days of interactive virtual training

  • Dynamic plenary and workshop sessions that provide time to reflect, discuss, and ask questions

  • Facilitated discussion lead by national treatment court experts

  • Time to review program operations and identify ways to improve outcomes for participants and the program

  • Opportunity for the team to learn from each other, develop new skills, and strengthen their performance

Required Team Members

  • Judge

  • Prosecutor

  • Coordinator

  • Treatment provider

  • Defense attorney

  • Law enforcement officer

  • Probation officer

  • Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist

    Veterans Treatment Courts Only

  • Mentor Coordinator

    Veterans Treatment Courts Only

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