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Briefings: Virtual Lunch and Learns


Briefings Virtual Lunch-and-Learn is four, 75-minute virtual sessions designed to address public safety's internal and external approach through law enforcement's role in treatment courts and the communityThe course enables law enforcement officers to identify standard operating procedures, recognize the importance of both the multidisciplinary approach and the implementation of community policing, and the impact of vicarious trauma within the law enforcement community. It provides law enforcement professionals with tools to recognize and respond to individuals dealing with co-occurring disorders in a culturally effective, trauma-informed manner. Additionally, the curriculum provides tools for law enforcement professionals to understand secondary trauma's impact on officer wellness.


Law enforcement departments and agencies interested in taking part in a Briefings lunch-and-learn series must submit the application form found in the key links section of this page. Upon receipt of the application, NDCI staff will follow up to schedule a conference call and choose training dates.

Participating Agencies Should:

  • Promote Training

    The participating agency should promote the training opportunity within their jurisdiction.

  • Secure POST Certification

    Eligibility for continuing education is the responsibility of the agency receiving training.

  • Provide Point of Contact

    Jurisdictions should provide one point of contact for NDCI to organize training logistics.

  • Complete the Full Series

    Jurisdictions are expected to complete all four sessions in their scheduled series.

What NDCI Will Provide:

  • Training Faculty

    NDCI training faculty will travel and conduct each of the 75-minuite sessions at no cost to your agency.

  • Manage Training Registration

    NDCI will provide a system for your department and partner agencies to register for the training.

  • Training Platform

    NDCI will conduct training sessions using Zoom and provide access to your agency.

  • Evaluations

    NDCI will conduct pre- and post-training evaluation and provide certificates of completion to participants in the training.


Lunch-and-learn training modules are presented virtually once weekly in a four-week period from 11:40 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. in the time zones identified below. After submitting your application, NDCI staff will work with you to find the appropriate training series.

Your department or agency is expected to complete the entire four-week series. 

September 1 - September 22
Pacific Time

September 10 - October 1
Central Time

October 4 - October 25
Eastern Time

October 7 - October 28
Pacific Time


Briefings is designed for sworn police, highway patrol, and tribal officers whose primary job function is prevention, detection, or investigation of any violation of criminal law and are authorized to carry firearms and make arrests for violations of the law.

Note: Although probation and parole officers in many jurisdictions may possess some of these authorizations, for this training, the content will focus on law enforcement officers as defined above. Probation officers may attend the training.


NDCI's Briefings curriculum is supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.