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Incentives and Sanctions

Based on 60 years of behavior research, this training will transform your understanding of incentives and sanctions and dramatically improve your understanding of the science related to behavior management and change.

This training is FREE but you must have a minimum of three drug court teams participate. There is a maximum of five drug court teams.

This training will:

  • Teach the principles relevant to behavioral management and change and techniques for transferring those principles to the treatment court context
  • Develop the requisite skills to effectively deliver court responses to behavior

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for adult drug court teams. Because it is highly interactive and focuses on group decision-making and consensus, the training experience will be enhanced by the attendance of as many team members as possible. NDCI requires, at a minimum, the following attend due to their day-to-day interactions with drug court clients:

  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Coordinator
  • Treatment provider
  • Defense Attorney
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Probation officer

Without these core team members, it is unlikely that your team will be accepted.

This is training is free. Jurisdictions must provide a training space at no cost to NDCI.

How to Apply

Using the application link, enter the NADCP application portal. If this is your first application in the portal, click need a username and follow the instructions to set up your account. Once your account is set, log in to the portal to submit the selected application.

Using the portal allows you to save your application and return to it later. You can also view all previous application submissions.

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