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Free Foundational Training for Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts

Join the 2023 Foundational Training waitlist!

The application period is now closed; however, teams are encouraged to apply to be added to the waitlist.

Foundational training is for courts that are:

  • Pre-implementation

    Tribal healing to wellness courts in the planning stages

  • Post-implementation

    Recently implemented programs that have not participated in formal training from NDCI

  • In Need of a Refresh

    Established programs that have experienced significant turnover in staff

  • Never Formally Trained by NDCI and Facing Challenges

    Established programs that have never participated in formal training

Why should your program participate?

  • It's free!

  • 90% of the communities that attend this training launch a program.

  • Operational courts have rated this the best foundational training, whether they were recently implemented or addressing transition.

  • Our staff and a cadre of nationally renowned treatment court experts and practitioners work with selected teams to implement evidence-based practices, develop policy and procedure manuals, and build team unity.

  • At the conclusion of the training program, you will have your blueprint for implementation or transition.

How to apply:

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