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Family Drug Court Planning Initiative

  • Are you interested in starting Family Drug Court in your community?
  • Would you like assistance in determining where to start and who to bring to the table?
  • Will your community benefit from a training to facilitate systemic change?


Very helpful for me, it was as if a light went on. As a result, this will improve our court and clients. ~ Training Participant

The Family Drug Court Planning Initiative is designed to educate an interdisciplinary team on how to effectively launch a Family Drug Court. NDCI’s innovative training presents your jurisdiction with the core knowledge, skills, and operational focus necessary to properly plan, implement, and operate a family drug court within the parameters of established best practices of the drug court model, child welfare, and child abuse and neglect case processing.


  • Educate your team regarding the basic components of the Family Drug Court model
  • Provide your team with the skills necessary to successfully implement policy and practice to address the unique needs of parents, children, and families affected by addiction
  • Identify key strategies necessary to facilitate systemic change to successfully shift from standard case processing to Family Drug Court case processing
  • Guide your teams in the integration of court, child welfare, and treatment functions to implement an effective Family Drug Court

NDCI will design a training program using the Family Drug Court training curricula to individualize your training experience. Our training is customized to meet the needs of your jurisdiction to plan and design a Family Drug Court. The training program will incorporate interactive exercises, speakers, and facilitated small group discussions. NDCI uses a proven curriculum and accompanying material as the primary teaching tools.

NDCI’s training program enables the team to develop a jurisdictional action plan and explore how these various domains of knowledge are applied within the context of Family Drug Court practices and policies. When the training is complete, your team will have the new knowledge and skills necessary to make significant strides in implementing a Family Drug Court in your jurisdiction.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is designed for Family Drug Court teams. Because the workshop is highly interactive and focuses on group decision making and consensus, the training experience and ability to apply training concepts to your court will be enhanced by the attendance of as many team members as possible. NDCI requires, at a minimum, the attendance of the core team members because of their day-to-day interactions with Family Drug Court clients. Without a commitment from all of the core team members below, your team’s acceptance into the program is unlikely.

  • Coordinator
  • Judge
  • Agency Attorney/Prosecutor
  • Parent Attorney
  • Child Representative/Attorney/CASA
  • Child Welfare Representative
  • Child Development Specialist/Therapist
  • Treatment Provider
  • Adult Mental Health/Trauma Expert
  • Evaluator

Contact Us

Interested? You can request the Family Drug Court Planning Initiative training through our “Fee for Service” training. Upon your request, NDCI will work with you to bring any training directly to your jurisdiction for individual or multiple courts. Please contact us to design training and establish a budget suited to your specific needs or click the below link to begin the process by filling out the “Fee for Service” form.

Click here to request this training.

Meghan Wheeler, Senior Consultant
Phone: (419) 884-8139

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