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Sample Documents

NADCP developed the following template documents to help programs apply the skills taught at training. The documents below are free to use and should be adapted to your program's policy and procedures based on the Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards.

Virtual Reporting Form

This form is a tool to use while courts are meeting clients through virtual reporting.


Policy & Procedure

This document for new courts and existing courts lays out the procedures for operation of the program.


Phase Requirements

This is a tool used to set expectations by explaining requirements for each phase of the program.


Memorandum of Understanding

These are written agreements with other agencies or organizations for services and coordination.


Participant Handbook Guide

This guide provides the framework for creating a user-friendly, effective participant handbook.


Exit Interview

Interviewing participants when they leave the program can often provide valuable insight into effectiveness.


Phase 1 Participant Handbook

Use this sample handbook to help guide participants through their first phase of treatment court.


Treatment Court Passport

Help participants track their treatment milestones with this sample passport.


Client Referral Flow Chart

This chart shows how to get clients from arrest or probation violation to treatment court within 30 days.


Sample Case Planning Forms

This tool is designed to assist with developing case management plans and staffing.

Integrated Case Planning

Sample Staffing Sheet

Choosing an Evaluator

A guide and sample questions to ask when choosing an evaluator for your treatment court program.