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Journal For Advancing Justice


The Journal for Advancing Justice is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal providing justice and public health professionals, policymakers, academics, scholars and researchers a forum to share evidence-based and promising practices on the most pressing issues facing the justice system today.

Volume I

Identifying and Rectifying Racial, Ethnic and Gender Disparities in Treatment Courts

A collection of six scholarly articles examining cutting-edge findings from the largest multi-site studies conducted to date on disparities in treatment courts and the culturally proficient interventions designed to mitigate them.

Volume II

Best Practices in the Justice System for Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Written by both clinicians and justice professionals, volume II acknowledges barriers justice professionals face in deploying clinical best practices for justice-involved persons with opioid use disorder. The journal also examines clinical and legal strategies to overcoming the sometimes institutionalized barriers to medication-assisted treatment.