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Standard-setting Publications

NDCI is the most prolific publisher of the latest research and strategic innovations for the treatment court field. In our effort to continually improve the way our justice system serves those with addiction and mental health needs, we offer these resources to the field at no charge. Many of these resources are available in Spanish. Haga clic aquí para ver las publicaciones en español.


Medical Marijuana FAQs

The legalization of medical marijuana raises important questions for treatment courts. To what extent do treatment courts have the authority to restrict a participant’s use of medical marijuana? How should treatment courts supervise participants who are permitted to use medical marijuana? This FAQ document explores the legal status of medical marijuana in the United States and the impact of medical marijuana legalization on treatment courts.

MOUD Guide for Treatment Court Clinicians

A guide for clinicians developed in partnership with the American Society of Addiction Medicine.


MOUD Guide for Treatment Court Team Members

A guide for nonclinical treatment court team members developed in partnership with the American Society of Addiction Medicine.


MOUD Guide for Treatment Court Participants

A guide for treatment court participants developed in partnership with the American Society of Addiction Medicine.


Delta-8 THC and Drug Testing in Treatment Courts

Learn more about delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and how it can impact drug testing in treatment courts.

The DoD's inTransition Program

Justice For Vets' latest Dispatch From the Front Lines provides an overview of the DoD's inTransition Program designed to help connect service members and veterans to behavioral healthcare.

MOUD Toolkit

NADCP's new MOUD Toolkit provides practical resources for treatment courts to implement systems offering medications for opioid use disorder and sample documents and agreements for programs to adapt for their use.

Creatinine FAQs

"The Use of Urine Creatinine Concentrations for Abstinence Monitoring in Treatment Courts" provides answers to a series of frequently asked questions about creatinine as it relates to drug and alcohol screening.

Expansion of VA Caregiver Support Program

The VA Caregiver Support Program was substantially expanded, providing new opportunities for caregivers of veterans who are severely ill or injured.

Media Guide for Treatment Courts

This media guide was developed to assist with strategic messaging, media outreach, and ensuring your program receives the positive media attention it deserves.

Equity and Inclusion Toolkit

This dynamic new toolkit focuses on Standard II of the Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards: Equity and Inclusion.


Family Treatment Court Standards

Developed through a dynamic partnership between CCFF and NADCP, with support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Family Treatment Court Best Practice Standards benefit all treatment courts by providing guidance on how to best serve children and families across all types of treatment court programs.


Questions & Answers

This new publications series is a part of NDCI's Drug Court U. Get answers to your questions from the experts.


The Journal for Advancing Justice

NADCP's Journal for Advancing Justice tackles the most pressing issues facing the justice system today.


Sharing Your Treatment Court Story

The purpose of this guide is to help treatment court alumni think about the audiences that might want to hear their story, assist  in constructing their story, help them think through the personal impacts of sharing, and provide tips on speech delivery and talking with the press.


Managing the Message During a Crisis

Whether an issue involves a member of the court team, a program participant, or an organization or facility associated with the program, public confidence in treatment courts depends on their response in times of crisis.


Standards Vol 1 150

Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards

Available in English and Spanish, this two-volume publication is the most comprehensive compilation of research-based, specific, practitioner-focused drug court guidance ever produced. A must-read for anyone working in treatment court.

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Transitioning to a Family Centered Approach

Produced in partnership with Children and Family Futures, this case study looks at three adult drug courts that are in the process of expanding services to families and children of program participants.


Judicial Bench Book150

The Drug Court Judicial Benchbook - Updated!

After years of compiling the knowledge of thousands of treatment court professionals, this publication provides key guidelines to improve client outcomes and increase cost savings. This version includes an updated version of Chapter 4: Addiction and Treatment Services.


FactSheet150Fact Sheets

Get up to speed on the latest research related to key issues facing treatment courts.


Questions & Answers

This new series from NDCI answers questions raised by treatment court practitioners. This first edition focuses on the proper limits of searching a participant's cell phone.


Defining Drug Courts: The Key Components

The groundbreaking publication that defined the drug court model and remains a blueprint for implementing successful programs.


PCP Cover 150Painting the Current Picture

NADCP's newest report detailing the expansion of drug courts and other treatment court models, including DWI courts and veterans treatment courts, as well as the latest research.



Drug Court Review

The latest version of NDCI's Drug Court Review features articles on alcohol use monitoring, extended release naltrexone, alternative tracks in misdemeanor court, team building, juvenile drug court and consensus building.


Need to Know CoverNeed to Know Briefs

Produced in conjunction with NADCP, our Need to Know briefs tackle tough issues to help you improve your program.


Family Treatment Court Planning Guide Update

Produced in partnership with Children and Family Futures, this publication provides a guide on planning and implementing a family treatment court. 


MonographMonograph Series

The Monograph Series guides treatment court professionals to utilize the best evidence-based practices, along with recommendations that will assist courts to improve overall program operations.


Judicial Bench Card

The Judicial Bench Card is a guide for judges on appropriate questions to ask treatment court participants from the bench.


MonographAll Rise Magazine

The official magazine of treatment court practitioners, All Rise Magazine covers the latest in news and issues in our field.