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The Role of Probation: Coach Versus Referee

Presenter: Dr. Brian Lovins, principal for Justice System Partners and president-elect of the American Probation and Parole Association

Description: As probation departments begin to re-evaluate their work, there is a significant shift in the role they can play on treatment court teams. Probation agencies have historically been asked to play a referee-type role, monitoring the rules and conditions and blowing the whistle when observing the justice-involved individual stepping outside the lines. But there has been a recent call to transform probation officers from referees to coaches. Coaches' role is to help their players win. To do so is to be able to assess talent quickly, design plans to help build strengths while minimizing the risks, reinforce, cheer, and hold accountable. This presentation will provide the framework for rethinking probation's role at the table as one of coach versus referee.