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Drug Court U: Hot Topics

Answers to your frequently asked questions

Find answers to the treatment court field's most popular questions. Browse the subjects below and check back for more soon!

Drug Testing

Access to Creatinine Levels

Q: Are creatinine levels an essential measurement in drug testing?

Clients' Use of Creatine

Q: What the recommendation is from NADCP on appropriate creatine levels?

Elevated Glucose Levels

Q: Do you have any insight on a spike of participants with elevated glucose levels?

Testing Frequency

Q: Does testing frequency vary by risk/need level and program phase?

Diluted Drug Tests

Q: What do you do when a participant falls into the margin of error for a diluted test?

Specific Gravity Drug Test

Q: What is the specific gravity test for a diluted drug test and how does it differ from a creatinine level test? 


Awaiting an Available Treatment Bed

Q: What do we do if there are no impatient treatment beds available? Is jail an option?

Client Relationships

Client Relationships

Q: How do we handle personal relationships among participants?

RIsk/Need Tools for DWI Courts

Risk/Need Tools for DWI Courts

Q: How do we train our court on risk/need tools for DWI courts?

Role of Probation

Role of Probation Officers

Common questions on the role of probation in treatment courts


Polygraphs and Treatment Courts

Q: Can polygraphs or other lie detector tools be used in treatment courts?


Mitigating Trauma in the Courthouse

Answering questions on creating a place of welcome.