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Drug Court U: Hot Topics

Answers to your frequently asked questions


"I attended a presentation years ago and the recommendation was to sanction creatinine levels over 400mg/dl, treating them as adulturation. Can you tell me what the recommendation is from NADCP and direct me to any resources?"

"At the treatment court conferences we have heard that drug court participants should be getting drug tested at a minimum of twice per week until the very end. Does this apply to all quadrants and all phases?"

"Our courts are seeing several participants with elevated glucose levels and can't seem to figure out the cause. Do you have any insight?"

"We've recently had some discussion regarding diluted drug tests and the cutoff level. The national standard is 20 mg/dl; however, if the client falls into the +/- error rate variance allowed, a legal discussion ensues. What are your thoughts about providing the team with the levels on a diluted drug test?"

"Are creatinine levels an essential measurement in drug testing?"

"I have read a great deal of your literature pertaining to creatinine and specific gravity as separate methods for determining whether a sample is dilute, but I am not familiar with how the two may work together. One of our defense attorney's is reporting that the federal guidelines for drug testing include the use of specific gravity testing in addition to testing for creatinine. Because I do not have a lot of information pertaining to the subject, I thought it would be best to reach out to NADCP."




"When inpatient treatment is recommended for a client, but no space will be available for weeks, what do we do? Do we put them in jail to keep them safe, or do we allow them to continue to be in the community using, where they are possibly a danger to others and themselves?"

"I would like information on how other drug courts process or deal with relationships among participants or relationships with someone in a different drug court program."

"Are creatinine levels an essential measurement in drug testing?"


"The trend is to place a lot of the load on probation. Do you see any changes in the near future in probation's ever-changing role?"