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Avoiding and Coping with Professional Impairment

This presentation explores the frequently overlooked issue of impairment in Drug Court professionals.  All of us seek to balance the stresses and strains of our private lives with the need to perform effectively at work.  Even in tough times most of us are able to “pull it together” long enough to get through our day.  However there are times when issues such as divorce, disease, drinking, drugging, depression or other dysfunction rob us of our ability to do our jobs and/or find joy in doing so.  Whether the problem results from an acute incident or from a chronic problem that has reached the breaking point, the consequences can be life and livelihood threatening. This presentation is essential for those who fear they may be impaired; want to know the warning signs of impairment; or want to know how best to support co-workers or loved ones who are struggling.

Presented By:  Terrence Walton

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