• Did you know that a person’s cultural can affect their participation and motivation in a Drug Court program?
  • Were you aware that culturally proficient Drug Courts have better outcomes?
  • Does your program utilize cultural proficiency in its Drug Court evaluation?


This two-day subject-matter training program teaches Drug Court teams how to apply the culturally proficient, best practice techniques to their existing programs. The goals of this innovative training are to:

  1. Teach culturally proficient applications for practice and their formulation into an action plan;
  2. Teach the Drug Courts about evidence-based approaches that are culturally relevant; and
  3. Address women’s issues and how they can affect participation and success in a Drug Court.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is designed for beginning or advanced Drug Court teams. Because the workshop is highly interactive and focuses on group decision-making and consensus, the training experience will be enhanced by the attendance of as many team members as possible. NDCI requires, at a minimum, the following attend due to their day-to-day interactions with Drug Court clients:

  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Coordinator
  • Treatment Provider
  • Defense Attorney
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Probation Officer

Without these core team members it is unlikely that your team will be accepted.

This is a free training; jurisdictions must provide free training space to hold the training.


Contact Us

Carolyn Hardin
Phone: 571-384-1864
Email: chardin@nadcp.org